Dock Equipment

Dock Equipment

R&S Overhead Doors of Southern California offers the best dock equipment repair and installation services for Irvine, Santa Ana, Lake Forest, Costa Mesa, Orange, Tustin, Mission Viejo, Laguna Hills, Newport Beach and surrounding areas.

If you are looking for a reliable loading dock equipment company in and around Irvine, then rest your search with R&S Overhead Doors of Southern California – the industry-leading name preferred by many commercial businesses and construction companies for top-of-the-line dock bumpers, dock shelters, and dock leveling equipment. We are the trusted dock equipment repair and installation service provider in Irvine, Tustin Foothills, Foothill Ranch, Mission Viejo, Aliso Viejo, Laguna Woods, and Villa Park among other cities and suburbs in the Southern California region.

A loading dock or loading bay is an integral part of a facility’s utility infrastructure and a common sight in industrial buildings, commercial establishments, and warehouses that deal in the shipment and/or receipt of goods. Such areas, where trailers, trucks and other goods vehicles are loaded and unloaded, normally provide direct access to staging bases, freight elevators, storage areas, etc. Hence, it is critical to equip them with the right kind of equipment that facilitates effective material handling as well as a seamless movement of people, goods, vehicles, etc. during loading and unloading activities. At R&S Doors of So Cal, we are adept in offering high-performing, cutting-edge dock equipment parts that aid free flow of transport between docks, decks, and garage floors, simultaneously adhering to stringent dock safety regulations too.

Armed with decades of experience in providing durable, weather-resistant, fully functional, and easily operable dock shelters, dock bumpers, and dock levelers, R&S Doors of So Cal will ensure that all your dock handling equipment needs are met to your satisfaction. Our team of experienced and highly skilled loading dock equipment professionals will work closely with you to understand your requirements and accordingly offer you customized & ergonomically engineered solutions that help you manage the operation of your loading bay safely and efficiently.

So, don’t compromise on the safety of your people and dock by opting for cheap quality dock safety equipment or unreliable dock equipment suppliers. Get yourself the expert services of R&S Doors of So Cal today and enjoy warranty on their loading dock equipment repair and installation services. Call R&S Doors now at (714) 237-1990 for an on-site job inspection and FREE estimate.